Backup and Storage

Don’t lose the files that keep your business running

In the digital age, we save quite a bit of information on our computers, hard drives, thumb drives, etc. Losing that data can be a real headache. We know personally that having secure and up to date backups can be a lifesaver.

unlimited history

We have a powerful backup solution that is also surprisingly affordable. Our backup solution backs up your data not just once a day but every 15 minutes so your data is always up to date. additionally, we can give you unlimited history providing backups all the way back to the first day.

Integrity checks

When you take advantage of our backup service your backups are monitored for integrity making sure you get full backups every time. We keep your data safe and available to you through the cloud. Keep your data secure and leave worry behind with Tech Source managed backups.

 Emergency Delivery

Loss of data because of physical problems, virtual problems or even natural disasters. If the worst should happen and the backups are too large to download quickly via the cloud, we have the solution. Emergency delivery of physical drives to get your life and business back on track.

Safe and Reliable

  • Backup as many computers as you want.
  • Off-site storage with unlimited history.
  • Backups that work over any internet connection.
  • Emergency delivery of physical disks.
  • Fast full backups every time.
  • Fully encrypted. Very Safe.