Wireless and P2P

Wireless Solutions

Expandable and point-to-point solutions

Creating the perfect Wi-Fi design that meets the demands of today’s mobile workforce takes years of experience. Tech Connection provides the Wi-Fi services to guarantee the success of your project


Whether you are a single person sitting at a desk or an entire complex of buildings and offices. TCIs expandable wireless solutions are right for you.

WiFi Networks

Our network services and solutions portfolio offer the industries latest technologies and solutions to drive workforce productivity and brand experience.

A few points to understand why TCI Expandable Wireless networks are the best choice for WiFi connectivity.

  • Consistent, reliable connectivity anywhere.
  • Low packet loss and high RF performance.
  • Full stack portfolio from switches to access points.

WiFi services

  • Surveys – With a survey type for any situation from outdoor to high-density.
  • Design – We design the WiFi network for connectivity everywhere you need it.
  • Installations – Wireless installation engineers available across the state.
  • Optimization – A service to boost existing WiFi or grow with your business.
  • Management – Outsource the management of your network to us.


Need a network connection to another location but can’t get a wire to the spot? Our point to point wireless solution is right for you.

Point-to-point wireless applications:

  • Connecting two or more buildings together to provide a single network.
  • Connecting multiple sites when hard lines are not an option.
  • Provide a temporary site to site link.
  • Disaster recovery link in mission-critical networks.

Benefits of expandable wireless:

  • Significantly cheaper than laying fiber or copper lines.
  • Flexible purchase, lease or managed service options.
  • Quick and easy installations and fast turnaround.
  • Simple network integration.

We have job sites that are in the middle of farm fields, on military bases, things like that, which can be very difficult… TCI knows what we expect and that’s what we get in turn.

— contractor

Looking for a wired solution?

If wireless is not what you’re looking for you may be interested in our structured cabling system.