Email and Spam Protection

As your business grows, so does your email security needs. Spam is a constant threat giving unwanted access to your network through malware and phishing attacks. To minimize such attacks you need a robust email system and exceptional spam protection.

Email solutions from Microsoft 365 with Anti-Spam and Encryption:

  • Eliminate threats before they reach the corporate firewall with real-time anti-spam and anti-malware protection.
  • Protect your company’s IP reputation by using separate outbound delivery pools for high-risk email.
  • Five financially backed SLAs attest to a high quality of service, including protection from 100% of known viruses and 99% of spam.
  • Globally load-balanced network of datacenters helps to ensure a 99.999% network uptime.

We save you time and money by using our innovative strategy of proactive maintenance, continual monitoring, and progressive design.